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Welcome to the Connacht Clan Travel Centre. Here you should be able to find plenty of information to help you plan your next away trip.

Find the relevant game below and click the link to find a summary of the details and some suggested travel options. For more info, check the relevant thread in the Clan Forum. If the information you need isn't there, try posting a question on the forum or in the comments section of the article.

You can contact us at however you are advised to check the website first to see if the information is there.

Please note that the Connacht Clan is not a travel agency and we do not arrange package tours, though we do occasionally book buses, etc. for our members where appropriate. We can however help you plan your trip and arrange to meet up with your fellow Clan members when you get there.

Looking forward to seeing you at an away game.

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Galway boasts a thriving and diverse restaurant and bar scene with friendly service and fresh food. Each summer the city hosts the Galway International Food and Craft Festival, a five day celebration of local cuisine with open-air markets, food trails and family fun.

Some local dining and bar hotspots to checkout include:

Murty Rabbitts - Bar and Restaurant

Ard Bia Restaurant at Nimmos

Tigh Neachtain Bar

Cafe Kai Restaurant

Creole Restaurant

Rouge Restaurant


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  • Connacht Rugby, College Road,  - +353 (0)91 561568

Medical / Police

  • University College Hospital, Newcastle Rd, H91 YR7 - +353 (0)91 580580
  • Galway Garda (Police) Station, Mill Street, H91 FX61 - +353 (0)91 538000
    • Emergency Call 999 /112 or your local Garda Station if an immediate response is required.


  • Galway Tourist Office, Forster Street, H91 N1FD - +353 (0)91 537 700
  • Bus Eireann (National Coach Services), Ceannt Station, Eyre Square, H91 T9CE - +353 (0)91 562 000
  • Irish Citylink (Inter-City Coach Service), Galway Coach Station, Fairgreen Road, H91 CX90 - +353 (0)91 564164
  • (Inter-City Coach Service) - Unit 8, Forster Court, H91 N527 - +353 (0)91 564600
  • Galway Ceannt (Irish Rail) Station, Eyre Square, H91 T9CE - +353 (0)91 561444 
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Galway is a city with a good selection of hotel, hostels B&Bs and guesthouses to suit most travellers. 

Unfortunately, no accommodation providers are currently offering any Clan Discounts these days. 
So for a comprehensive list of accommodation in Galway City click on the below link that will take you to for the Galway City area.;gad=1;label=galway-c6T7CWgdBvajco2rpZkn7gS380895182569%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atiaud-2009482408685%3Akwd-308900658173%3Alp1007864%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm%3Appccp%3DUmFuZG9tSVYkc2RlIyh9YfqnDqqG8nt10AsofPfvtt0;aid=1610684;auth_success=1

If you require any info or travel advice, you are welcome to email our crack travel department -

We will gladly offer any travel advice and help where we can.

Looking forward to seeing you in Clan HQ - Murty Rabbitt's. 

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Galway, the largest county in Connacht, is celebrated in song and story throughout the world and takes centre stage on Ireland's western seaboard. A spectacularly beautiful county, it is a medley of contrasts - the wildest and remotest of countryside teamed with one of Europe's most vibrant and popular cities. Drawn as if by a magnet, visitors come again and again, captivated by this most special of Irish counties.

Galway City at the mouth of Galway Bay is both a picturesque and lively city with a wonderful avant-garde culture and a fascinating mixture of locally owned speciality shops, often featuring locally made crafts. Indeed local handcrafts are a feature of the entire region including hand knits, pottery, glass, jewellery and woodwork.

The city has many relics of its medieval past and is worth taking time to explore. It has changed considerably over the last number of years and features a fascinating juxtaposition of new and ancient architecture. The centre of the city is conveniently compact enough to ramble around comfortably.

Anyone who knows the song 'Galway Bay' will be familiar with the Claddagh, previously a fishing village of thatched cottages, now an area just outside the city centre. Here is the birthplace of the world famous Claddagh ring, a souvenir many bring home, just to keep a little piece of Galway with them always.


As you would expect, Galway has a huge range of activities for the holidaymaker to enjoy. Golfers will find themselves spoilt for choice between excellent links and parkland courses, the equal of any in the world but without the sting of exorbitant green fees. Horse riding and trekking is another popular way to unwind in this the native county of the Connemara pony. Walking trails to suit all tastes are available both around the city and in the countryside. Hill walkers will find many fine routes in Connemara and the Twelve Bens and the scenery is unsurpassable. So much coastline is a good indicator of the variety of watersports available.

Fishing is always a popular option in Galway - every visitor to the city will have visited the famous Salmon Weir Bridge. Coarse fishing, river angling and sea angling are also available locally.

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