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The following rules are enforced by the moderators of the forum. Please follow their directions when asked to amend your posts to fit with the criteria below.

  1. No flaming/wumming (deliberately trying to provoke other members of the forum). This is particularly aimed at those who like to stoke the flames of provincial rivalry. Moderators reserve the right to decide what is and isn't an inflammatory post and will delete anything they deem unnecessary for the board, without warning and without having to explain their actions.
  2. Abuse, of anybody, be it players, people in the public eye, or members of the forum will not be tolerated. Racist comments, sexism and the general use of offensive terms or foul language will be also deleted. Abusive posts will be deleted upon sight of a moderator, again, without warning or explanation.
  3. Posting of images. This site is first and foremost a rugby website. A large percentage of our members visit this site while they are at work, and as such, images that are deemed Not Safe For Work (NSFW), are not permitted on the forum and will be deleted. These included violent or pornographic images, along with "glamour" shots of either sex.
  4. Libellous or potentially libellous posts or links will be deleted and if deemed appropriate will result in a ban. The moderators reserve the right to decide what is / may be potentially libellous.
  5.  Any abuse of the moderators will not be tolerated, and will result in a ban.
  6. In the event of a moderator having to delete or edit a post due to the breaching of the above rules; this will be viewed as an official warning.
  7. The selling of match tickets for above face value, will not be permitted under any circumstances. Anybody trying to sell tickets for above face value will have their thread deleted and will be permanently banned from the website.

Persistent breaches of the above rules will result in a temporary ban, and then if necessary a permanent ban.
Please remember all the moderators are volunteers and have no wish to interfere with the discussions in the threads. If everybody respects their fellow posters and their views it will make our job easier.
If you find a post offensive or think it may be of a libellous nature, please report the post so that the moderators can take action on it as soon as they possibly can.
We are open to suggestion to further improve the rules of the forum. If you have suggestions, please press the report button on this thread and send the recommendation through that function.

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