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And we're back!! The 2022/2023 URC season kicks off in inter-pro fashion, when Connacht take on Ulster in Ravenhill. Make sure to get into Clan HQ, Murty Rabbitts, to catch all the action as we kick off this season!

Clan memberships remain open, only €10.00!!

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tomsauce2000's Avatar
tomsauce2000 replied the topic: #68896 6 days 7 hours ago
I definitely would like to see DTM get a start but I think Mack has been at his best on the wing and I don't like the idea of changing something that has worked so well. TOH isn't in SA so we could try Fitzgerald at full-back with Hawkshaw at outhalf.

I do think it's more likely we'll see Mack at 15 though
ShaneM's Avatar
ShaneM replied the topic: #68895 1 week 1 day ago
After that performance I have gone from worried, to oh crap for the South Africa Trip. Lets hope with the Irish Lads coming back in it will give us more bite/stability.
Would like to see DTM start at 2 and maybe Mack at 15?? Opinions?
Sol_ie's Avatar
Sol_ie replied the topic: #68893 1 week 2 days ago
That was not an ideal start to the season.

We looked a rusty, a bit aimless. We flattered Ulster and very much let them play their game. Missing the steady experienced hands. No one stood out, in either a positive or a negative sense, but we were in second gear for most of the game.

A very tough run in of games coming up. Part of me expects to be up to the November break with a scant few points. Hopfully the lads can keep their heads up.
ShaneM's Avatar
ShaneM replied the topic: #68889 2 weeks 1 day ago
Hell's Ya!!!! Cannot wait!
Not heading up as accomadation in Belfast was mental.
Looking forward to Pre-Match in Murtys.
Anyone fancy a pub crawl in Galway City on Saturday afternoon :woohoo: (CC)
Sol_ie's Avatar
Sol_ie replied the topic: #68888 2 weeks 1 day ago
Cannot wait for this!