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And we're back to Champions Cup action this weekend when Connacht take on Leicester in the Sportsground. KO is 3.15 p.m. and all the action will be live from Clan HQ, Murty Rabbitts. 


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ThisYearWillBeDifferent's Avatar
ThisYearWillBeDifferent replied the topic: #68586 4 days 4 hours ago
Fingers crossed they won't be taking Luke Fitz's attitude - "they should take the opportunity to throw the book at him." (Ireland am).
Sol_ie's Avatar
Sol_ie replied the topic: #68581 4 days 6 hours ago
Not much to add to what was said in media etc. over the weekend. They caught us on the hop in the first ten, and their bench won the match for them in the last ten. In control for the balance of the game, we did really well in blitzing past them. We had control of the game, defensively strong and really it looked like it was a done deal at 60 minutes. Our lads seemed to switch off, got drawn into a game of kicking tennis etc.

Scrum did well, Finlay especially, up against competition like that. Two BP would have been seen as a great result, but the game on the day was there for the taking.

Fair play to Leicester, they never gave up. Beautiful last try, can't take that away from them. Clear at home that he wasn't dragged to touch, but still only a matter of centimeters.

Don't love the look of Bundee giving out to the ref after the match - his tweet after the fact shows that he regrets it himself. Hopfully nothing further comes of that. If play had continued would we have had a chance to restart?
pinky's Avatar
pinky replied the topic: #68573 5 days 19 hours ago

Jack tackling Jarrad apparently ....
Awful way to find out :-)

pinky's Avatar
pinky replied the topic: #68569 1 week 5 hours ago
I feel like Cole and Montoya coming off the bench was huge the last day. They are both left at home. Genge starting though ...

Edit: The betting market has taken note of the various absences and Connacht are now favourites. It will be a nervy 26 hours.
pinky's Avatar
pinky replied the topic: #68568 1 week 1 day ago
I await the team announcement. Leicester have been rotating a bit in Europe thus far and still getting the points, but Toulouse and Bristol being held to unfortunate "draws" gives them a decent shot at topping the pool if they win, so they might be tempted to go all guns blazing.
It should be the tie of the round in any case. As to what way we might want the other games to go, I am even more confused than usual, but here is a stab at it:
Sean74's Avatar
Sean74 replied the topic: #68567 1 week 1 day ago
Same here ...bookies have us at +2 but I think we can take them with a bit more to spare.
Sol_ie's Avatar
Sol_ie replied the topic: #68566 1 week 1 day ago
Can't wait for this - have a good feeling!