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Connacht take on Benneton this evening in the Sportsground! All the action is live on TG4, but Clan HQ Murty Rabbitts is back open from today! Booking is essential, and only available over the phone on 091 566490!

Come on Connacht

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Sol_ie's Avatar
Sol_ie replied the topic: #67970 1 month 1 week ago
Paul Boyle first forward to score a hat trick in professional era, according to Craggy Lads.

Also, Mr. Papali'i (and MidWest Radio) comes under SERIOUS criticism from the Craggy Crew towards the end of the podcast.
BleedGreen's Avatar
BleedGreen replied the topic: #67965 1 month 2 weeks ago
Lovely win in tough conditions, played the conditions well, smart use of the wind first half and smart keeping the ball second half. Everyone had a good game but impressed with Boyle, Fitzy and Masterson. Fingers crossed Wootton will sign on full-time next year, he's been a great signing.
RonanL's Avatar
RonanL replied the topic: #67964 1 month 2 weeks ago
What I wouldn't give to be on the clan terrace freezing my ^%*$ off with a few thousand of my closest friends this evening!

Hopefully the weather isn't too much of a factor, and we manage a good performance with a momentum building win.
Sol_ie's Avatar
Sol_ie replied the topic: #67963 1 month 2 weeks ago
This should be a fun match. Our lads (hopfully) well rested against a fairly reduced Benneton side. Cold auld day today, but hopfully dry and (even better) free of covid.

EDIT: Yes I know that Benetton is spelt with one 'n' and two 't's. I'm not going to change it for two reasons: 1. It'll muck up the links and 2. I'm super duper lazy.