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All the news from the latest Connacht Clan meeting.

Martin Fallon spoke on behalf of the Connacht Branch and asked the Connacht Clan to come up with a proposals on how to increase the activity of the Clan province-wide and how to make the every supporter in the province feel part of the Clan.

He also briefed the committee on the idea of the Green Mile

The Committee spoke about the Leinster trip and lessons were learned for future trips.

It was decided not to run a bus to Ulster due to lack of interest and duration of journey.

Fergus Farrell outlined that 20 people had withdrawn from the Bus to Harlequins and it was decided to cancel the trip.

The committee agreed to help the Connacht Branch in the erection of collateral around the Green Mile

The Clan has decided to try and organise a Player Forum for after the Ospreys game and Martin is to Liase with Tim Allnutt and the squad.

It was also decided that the next away trip was to be to Limerick on St. Stephen's day and the Clan was to publicise this better themselves with the help of the branch.

A Christmas party idea was proposed for after the Leinster Game on New Years Day.

Shane Murphy also raised the idea of a possible golf outing at the end of the year.

The next meeting will be subject to Simon Heaslip's schedule as he is to present the Green Mile to the Committee.

Connacht Clan pins have been sent out to our Connacht Clan non-Season Ticket Holders today.

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