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The Connacht Clan AGM will be held Saturday the 24th June at 1.00 p.m. in Murty Rabbitts, Galway. Attendance is open to Connacht Clan Members for the 2022/2023 season! The AGM will be followed by some light refreshments.

1. Presidents Welcome, including approval of AGM minutes.

2. Presentation of Financials for current season

3. Season Wrap up

4. Look ahead to Season 2019/2020

5. Election of Committee Members

6. Any Other Business

Proposals to the agenda can be made up to one week prior to the AGM. Any additions can be here, or an email to or DM on twitter or facebook etc. etc.

Nominations for the Committee shall be made up to one week before the AGM, or at the AGM itself at the committees discretion.
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From the bottom of our Hearts, A massive Thank you to our coaches Andy Friend, Mossy Lawler and Dewald Senekal. What you have done here will not be forgotten.
To the departing players Adam Byrne, Ciaran Booth, Leva Fifita, Conor Fitzgerald, Seán Masterson, Shane Delahunt, Alex Wootton, and Kieran Marmion. A sincere thank you for everything, you left everything out there for us.
You will always the welcome out west!
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Discuss this article in the forums (1 replies).